Barrington of Ft. Thomas


06/10:  National Iced Tea Day, (Bar)

06/11:  National Nurse Aide Week

06/12:  June Birthday Lunch

06/14:  National Flag Day, Wear Red, White ,and Blue

06/16:  National Fresh Fruit Day, (Break Room)

06/19:  Ice Cream Soda Day, ( Break Room)

06/21:  Happy Father’s Day

06/23:  National Wear Pink Day

06/23:  Grillin with Tim, Resident and Staff grill out

06/25:  Pay Day Perk














06/04:  June Quiz—Fill out a quiz in the Break Room and return it to the Activity Director’s mailbox by June 9th a chance to win a prize!

06/10:  Reds vs. Phillies 12:35 p.m. Dress Down with a Reds shirt and jeans.

06/11:  Pay Day Perk

06/11-18:  National Nursing Assistants Week

(Thanks to all the STNA’s for everything you do!)

06/21:  Happy Father’s Day & Summer Solstice

                    (Longest Day of the Year)—Sunkist Drinks & Treats in the Break Room

06/23:  National Pink Day—Dress Down if you wear Pink

06/25:  IMPORTANT All Staff Meeting 3:00 p.m.

In the Break Room with Pay Day Perk

06/29:  Hug Holiday—Remember to give our Residents a hug today to let them know how special they are to us!

Also, enjoy some hugs drinks in the Break Room.












06/04:  Soft pretzels with paychecks

06/05:  National Doughnut Day…doughnut for all shifts

06/15-18:  Celebrating Nursing Assistants Week!!

06/15:  Flag Day wear a patriot shirt

06/18:  International Picnic Day…cookout with games and prizes

06/21:  Fathers Day

06/23:  National Pink Day:  show off everything pink(clothes, shoes, ect.)for a chance to win a prize

06/29:  Waffle Iron Day:  waffles served in HCI activity room from 6:30a-9a















06/5: National Donut Day.  Donuts in the break room.

06/9: Complete Donald Duck Trivia for a chance to win a prize.

06/18: National Candy Month, candy bars in the break room.

06/19: Complete the Summer word search for a chance to win a prize.

06/23:  National Pink Day.  Wear a pink shirt with jeans.

06/26 National Chocolate Pudding Day.  Chocolate pudding in the break room.

















06/04:  Get a cool treat today – Drumsticks with paychecks

06/09:  Enjoy a summer favorite – Make your own s’mores today in the break room

06/10:  Reds Dress Down Day and Popcorn!

06/18:  Grab a Root Beer Float w/ your paycheck today from 2-4pm 

06/24:  Name that Summer Tune! Listen Overhead for your chance to win.  Be the right caller with the correct answer to win a prize!














06/03:  The sunny weather is here! Complete Summer word find for a chance to win a prize!

06/05:  National Donut Day! Stop by to see your supervisor to receive a donut!

06/08:  Chocolate Ice Cream for third shift in honor of National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

06/11:  Guess Who? Come to the front desk to pick up your paycheck and guess which baby picture goes with each department head for a chance to win a prize!

06/12:  Wear jeans/uniform pants with a Cincinnati Reds shirt to cheer on the Reds as they start their four game series against the Chicago Cubs! Come to the front desk to guess how many total runs the Reds will score during this series for a chance to win Cincinnati Reds tickets!

06/12-06/19:  Happy Nurse Aide Week! Thank you nurse aides for all that you do!

06/16:  Mismatch day! Wear your best mismatched outfit today!

06/23:  It’s pink day! Wear jeans with a pink shirt!

06/24:  In honor of national ice cream soda day, enjoy ice cream soda floats in the break room!

06/25:  It’s National Candy Month, pick up some candy with your paycheck!

06/26:  Happy Friday! Wear jeans with a Carespring shirt and enjoy a grill out in the break room!
























National Nursing Assistants Week-June 11th-18th-Thank You for all you do!!

06/04:  Sucker- pull with paychecks! Good luck!

06/07:  Dress down day! Wear Red’s Gear

06/10:  Birthday basket will be announced

06/11-18:  National Nurses Assistants Week! Thank you for all you do!

06/11:  Nacho Bar at 10:30 for all shifts

06/12:  Trivia for prizes!

06/13:  Goodie baskets for 1st and 2nd shifts. Taco Bell for 3rd shift

06/14:  Dress down day! Wear Capri’s!

06/15:  Smoothies 2:00-4:00pm

06/16:  Game Day 10:00am-4:00pm in the Chapel

06/17:  Breakfast in the break room at 9:30 am brought to you by nurse management

06/18:  Ice Cream novelties with paychecks! 3:00-4:00pm. Thank you OPTUM!

06/20:  Hillspring Father’s Day Car Show 10:00am-5:00pm

06/21:  Summer begins-popsicles for all shifts!

06/23:  Watermelon slices for everyone!!

06/30:  Picnic Carry-In all shifts-everyone brings in a dish to share!!


















06/03:  Let’s Support the Cincinnati Reds. Reds vs Phillies.  Everyone is invited to wear Reds shirt with their favorite jeans or Capri.  

06/05:  National Drive-in Movie Day.  Drive-in Trivia, try to be the first person to answer the question first to win a prize.

06/08: Kona Ice Truck 2p-330p.  Truck located in the front parking lot. 

06/11-06/18:  National Nursing Assistant Week.  Thank you for your dedication and hard work. 

06/12:  National Banana Split Day.  All Shifts come down to BR to make your own special banana split. 

06/17:  STNA invite everyone to celebrate by dressing down in their Carespring top with your favorite jeans.  

06/21:  Happy Father’s Day.  

06/24:  BBQ hamburger lunch. 

06/25:  All Staff Meeting @ 2:00pm in the Chapel.  Carespring dollar winner will be announce. 

06/26:  National Candy Land Day.  Today we will have a Candy Land Cake Walk. 

06/30:  Let’s Support the Cincinnati Reds. Reds vs Twins.  Everyone is invited to wear Reds shirt with their favorite jeans or Capri.














06/05:  National Doughnut Day Doughnuts for third shift

06/05:  National Candy Month Musical Candy Scavenger Hunt

06/09:  Musical Beach Towels

06/10:  Cotton Ball game for a chance to win Kings Island tickets

06/11: Happy Nursing Assistants week thanks for all you do!

06/12:  Over & Under With Water Balloons first team that wins gets a free pizza for lunch

06/15:  Egg spoon game winner receives Beach Water Park tickets

06/19:  Ice Cream Soda Day floats in the break room

06/23:  National Pink Day wear pink shirts with your jeans today

6/25:  All staff @ 2:00 in the break room

















06/04: Ice Cream Floats w/paychecks!

06/05: Dragons or Red’s dress down day!

06/15-06/19: National Nursing Assistant Week!

06/15: STNA-Picnic, raffle & 80’s day!

06/16: STNA- Pizza, Nerd day & raffle!

06/17: STNA- Cook-out, Luau dress down day & limbo w/prizes!

06/18: STNA- Bake potato bar, Spa day & any scrub day!

06/18: Summertime treats w/paychecks!

6/19: STNA- Wear your new t-shirts & Carnival day w/prizes!

6/21: Happy Father’s Day to all our Stonespring Dads!

6/21: First Day of Summer!

6/25: Enjoy a Strawberry Shortcake for Strawberry season!

6/30: Stonespring Dayton Dragons outing!





















06/05: Cincinnati Red’s Dress Down Day


06/11: Pay Day Drawing for 2 Cincinnati Zoo Tickets!


06/12: National Nursing Assistant’s Week Begins and Runs until the 19th…Extra Events all during the Week of the 15th!


06/14: Flag Day Dress Down Day: Show Off Your Red, White, and Blue!


06/23: Staff Scavenger Hunt


06/25: Pizza Party for All Shifts!


06/26: Beginning of Summer Dress Down Day: Show Off Your Summer Colors!






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